What is your SolePath?

“SolePath is who you are born to be. It is your guide to a beautiful life, filled with happiness, peace, joy, love, purpose and meaning. When you know your SolePath, you can navigate the pitfalls and those things that trip you up in your life, and connect with your unique, personal, individual gifts and greatness.” Dr.Debra

What is your SolePath?
Your SolePath is a braid of two LightPaths and one DarkPath. Your LightPaths are expanding energy and provide direction for knowing your life’s purpose; your DarkPath is collapsed energy and provides contrast for personal growth.

When you know your SolePath you can be who you dreamed you’d be and who the world needs you to be. Your SolePath helps you find your role so that you can make a difference because as Plato said …

there is a place that you are to fill and no one else can fill; something you are to do, which no one else can do

How do I discover my SolePath?
At the Calgary SolePath Institute, we connect to the field and measure your energetics to reveal your SolePath, your soul ID.

What is my next best step?
Request your SolePath by clicking on the button ‘request your SolePath’ on the right and pay what you feel able to give.

Membership of the SolePath Institute
Important! When you know your SolePath, you receive two months free membership of the SolePath Institute. Membership provides real help for feeling better; tools for daily inspiration; answers to everything about YOU. Online membership account on your mobile device and computer.

Your SolePath membership provides daily support and guidance as you find your way and walk your path to purpose and a beautiful life. Get answers to your questions about your LightPaths, your DarkPath and your governing SoleNumber.

Your SolePath membership login and username will be sent to you using the email that you use when you request your SolePath. Learn about your gifts and greatness, your motivations and the things that trip you up. Your SolePath membership provides daily support and guidance for your journey, click here to learn more.

What do I need to request my SolePath?
We are going to ask you to provide us with a head shot photograph and some identifying information, which we need to complete your SolePath and your SolePath record. We also need you to agree to our friendly terms of service.

Now comes the hard part – waiting patiently for your SolePath personality profile to arrive. It can take up to five days (we do try really hard to be quicker though) and while you are waiting, join us on social media. Click on the icons on the webpage header.

When we have completed your SolePath, we will connect with you by email. You will receive your personal, unique, amazing SolePath in a commemorative pdf certificate that may be framed, used as a screen saver and generally cherished in any way you see fit. On this record will be your name, your library of records number and your SolePath braid of two LightPaths and one DarkPath.

What if I want help with understanding my SolePath?
Membership of the SolePath Institute provides daily support and guidance for your journey as you find your way and walk your path to purpose and a beautiful life.; as you find your role and make a difference.
The SolePath Institute provides many tools and facilities, in addition to membership, including one-on-one counselling by our SolePath certified mentors, workshops hosted by our SolePath certified technicians, training programs to become a mentor or technician, community forums (Meetups). Call us for more information, we just love to have SolePath conversations: 403.998.0191 or 1.877.866.2086 (USA and Canada).


Couple things …

Completing your SolePath personality profile can be done on a computer, or a mobile device like your phone or tablet.

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Need help? Call our hotline 403.998.0191 or North America 1.877.866.2086