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Our SolePath mentoring provides you with knowledge and understanding as you live your beautiful life filled with purpose and meaning.

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Our team of SolePath certified mentors are remarkable individuals who are dedicating their lives to guiding others to purpose. They provide awareness and tools so that you can navigate your life and the experiences that expand you and collapse you. Awareness around what is going wrong and tools to switch to a place of expanding energy.

If you would like us to energetically measure the perfect SolePath certified mentor for you, call us at 403.998.0191 or 1.877.866.2086

barbaraBarbara Henson, SolePath certified mentor, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

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SolePath Mentoring

Barbara’s SolePath is compassionate healer and compassionate facilitator. Her core values include compassionate healing with a focus on community – a truly heart centred combination.

“My passion is working with people. I love to develop meaningful relationships where trust and communication can flourish. My community means everything to me.

My gift is my ability to see the gifts and greatness in others, usually before they do. My joy is in helping people reach for their best life experience – fulfilled and on purpose.

In my professional life, I was a human resources manager, but more important than that, I bring a lifetime of experience to the role of mentor. I am a creative thinker with a great sense of humor. I believe that life should be fun. Through SolePath I am becoming the person I was meant to be. I am creating a beautiful life filled with love, meaning and purpose. It’s an exciting journey.

I’d love to work with you when you’re ready to start your journey of discovery.”

Bruce Cevraini, SolePath certified mentor, Olds, Alberta, Canada 

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SolePath Mentoring

Bruce’s SolePath is inspirational humanitarian and spiritual warrior. His core values are standing up for and working tirelessly for his spiritual cause.

My name is Bruce and I am here to heal. The various traumas I have experienced throughout my life lead me to discovering the healing power of the breath, sound and Reiki. We are vibrational beings and vibration-sounds have a powerful impact on our daily existence.

Our emotions are our guidance system. How you feel determines your experience and you do have a choice. The breath is the best indicator of our experience. When we experience strong or intense emotion there is a dramatic change in our breathing pattern. By consciously engaging our breath we can change our mental/emotional state. As a certified breathwork facilitator I can guide you to a fuller experience.

I am also a SolePath certified mentor and technician. Your SolePath is a emotional guidance system that can provide insight as to what is holding you back in experiencing life fully.

I have been attuned to Master level in Usui Reiki, level two in Karuna Reiki and level two in Angelic Reiki. Since 2013 I have been exploring the possibilities of how these tools can invoke positive change. With the assistance of Angelic guidance and using Tibetan and Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, drums and voice I have discovered that the mind and body can be affected in powerful ways.

Husband, father to three and animal lover.


Catherine_DafoeRev. Catherine Dafoe, SolePath certified mentor, Banff, Alberta, Canada 
SolePath Mentoring

Catherine’s SolePath is a charismatic performer and inspirational teacher. Her core values and core energy include helping others understand, fostering great communication, and living in the moment.

“My journey with SolePath has brought so many positive changes in my life. I am confident, more focused, joyful, and seeing my dreams come true. Through SolePath I came to understand just how unique and talented I really am. It felt like finally giving myself permission to be a full, authentic expression of who I am. I am so glad I created space for SolePath in my life. It’s so wonderful! Yet, the most rewarding part has been using my gifts and my greatness to serve others. Being a SolePath mentor feels so natural and I enjoy it so much. What is possible for you? Let’s discover it together!”

Catherine is a certified yoga teacher in the Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa style of Hatha yoga. She is also a classroom teacher with 8 years experience teaching French, visual art, literacy, and math. As well, she is a passionate dancer who performs regularly. She is passionate about helping adults and children explore their potential and loves to spread joy through the magic of dance.


darlow-webRev. Dar Low, SolePath certified mentor, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

SolePath certified mentor, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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SolePath Mentoring

Dar’s SolePath is Inspirational Manager and a Spiritual Warrior and her core values are integrity and leading the charge for her cause.


Darryl Boyer, SolePath student mentor, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

SolePath student mentor, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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SolePath Mentoring

Darryl’s SolePath is triple Intellectual. Intellectual lateral thinker and intellectual expert and his core values are solving problems with innovative thinking and specialization.

Darryl has had the opportunity to study the shamanic tradition of the Qero people of Peru. These teachings are based on Ayni, which is a quechua word for balance and reciprocity. Darryl believes that we need to bring ourselves into balance with our community, mother earth, but more importantly with ourselves. So, with these teachings and knowing your SolePath, we have tools that can help us achieve Ayni.

My wish for people … is to shed the stories that keep you stuck. Taking control of your life and be who you are meant to be. Own your beauty and greatness.


Debra SmallDr. Debra Ford, inspirational connection communicator, SolePath, SoleNumbers, SoleFaces and SoleHealing

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SolePath Mentoring

Dr. Debra’s SolePath is inspirational teacher and spiritual mystic. It is this SolePath that allows her to connect, create and communicate the SolePath original body of work. Her core values and core energy are spirituality and connection, inspiration and communication. Dr. Debra is the co-founder of the SolePath institute, the purpose of which is to joyfully encourage everyone to know and understand their SolePath and live with purpose.


Rev. Deneen Justason, creative community commander and space clearing specialist

Eliminate negative energy in your space. Book a deep space clearing for your home or office with Deneen.

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Deneen’s SolePath is intuitive creator and spiritual balance and she is a SolePath certified mentor and SolePath certified energy analyst. Her core values are creating beauty and manifesting ideas, going with the flow and living with grace. Deneen’s purpose is to help bring balance and creative ideas to people, helping them to connect to their higher selves. Deneen has studied kundalini and ra-sheeba reiki, animal communication, ayurveda healing treatments, emotional freedom technique and she is an angel practitioner.


jessieRev. Jessie Shen Huxley, SolePath certified mentor, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

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SolePath Mentoring

Jessie’s SolePath is Intuitive Hunter and a Spiritual Mystic and her core values are seeking and sharing truth through her spiritual connection.

Jessie grew up in Shanghai China, an energetic city forever changing and never sleeping. Though she was successful she knew that something was missing because there was no answer to those questions she had never stopped looking for. In 1998 fate called her to Calgary, a place she truly calls home. Bathed in the energy of this beautiful and open-minded city Jessie began her journey searching for the truth of self and the reality existence. Through profound experiences, dream space and contemplation Jessie has surrendered deeply into life and found her life’s purpose.

“My passion is to love and to serve, to share what I know with the community of like-minded people. Through my own practice and example, I hope to shine a light for you in your own truth-seeking.”

Jessie is a successful professional with many credentials in the corporate world. As well, she holds yoga teacher training certificate, yoga nidra training certificate and is well studied under the loving guidance of Seth. Her versatile life experiences would be a mirror to help reflect the light that shines within you and the truth and purpose that you already know.


Lindsay Morton, SolePath certified mentor student, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

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SolePath Mentoring

Lindsay’s SolePath is Spiritual Mystic and Spiritual Warrior. Her core energy is spirituality, connection, integrity, and dedication.

“SolePath clicked instantly for me and has helped me cultivate a greater awareness, joy, and authenticity for my life and its purpose. I am passionate about making spiritual exploration acceptable to others. I hope to inform and inspire you during this adventure of exploring your SolePath, and finding your flow.”

Lindsay is a Geologist by day, and a true Mystic by night. She has studied with many beautiful souls in both the physical and spiritual practice of Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.


Lora PetersonRev. Loraleigh Peterson, SolePath certified mentor, Irricana, Alberta, Canada 

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SolePath Mentoring

Loraleigh’s SolePath is as a Intuitive Creator and Compassionate Healer.

As a Intuitive Creater her core energy is creating beauty and manifesting ideas. She is an ideas person and her actions speak louder than words.

As a Compassionate Healer her core energy is helping with the healing of people, animals or the planet; fixing what is wrong. She helps alleviate pain and suffering and brings wholeness and health by connecting with who ever is in her presence.

Loraleigh’s passion is in helping people be creative and becoming aware of how great they are. Her joy is in helping people reach for their next best step.

Loraleigh is an entrepreneur, an instructor, a public speaker and retired firefigher. She would like to help you learn how you can be of service, make a difference in the world and provide direction for your life.


Nancy Payne, SolePath student mentor, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

SolePath student mentor, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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SolePath Mentoring

Nancy’s SolePath is Spritual Mystic and Spiritual Warrior. Her core energy is spirituality and connection, integrity and dedication.

Nancy’s journey into learning more about herself and asking how to be of service began over 15 years ago. It started with the understanding and gift of meditation and reiki which led to learning the value of relaxation massage, deep tissue massage and Total Body Balancing. Studying these understandings led Nancy to start shamanic training to bring gentleness, trust and acceptance into life.

SolePath has become my spiritual family and my cause and I am honoured to be of service

Rev. Robyn Thomas, SolePath certified mentor, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

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SolePath Mentoring

Robyn’s SolePath is a spiritual warrior and spiritual balance. Her core energy includes systems thinking, creating harmony and balance in life for herself and others, and being dedicated to her cause.

In loving service to others, she is dedicated to finding a better way where we can all be seen for who we truly are. All in creation of a balanced, harmonious life.

“I found SolePath by accident; and what a joyful, important accident it was. I fell in love with the process and content immediately. SolePath has helped me to understand my true gifts and what brings me most joy in this life, by providing the vocabulary and process to continue to grow and live with expanded energy. Everyday, my understanding grows deeper and I have SolePath to thank for this joyful journey.”

Robyn is an organizational change project manager working in both government and industry. She finds joy in applying her systems thinking and her love for finding the natural balance in all things to the corporate environment.