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Free support: get help on using your SolePath for a happier life.
Book a free personal support 15-minute appointment at the SolePath Institute.

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Book a free personal support 15-minute appointment toll-free by telephone.

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SolePath Institute

phone: 1.877.866.2086 and 1.403.998.0191

The SolePath Institute reaches out to everyone, helping each person find their role and create communities that make a difference.

At the Calgary SolePath Institute, we connect to the field and measure your energetics to reveal your SolePath, your soul ID.

The SolePath Institute provides many tools and facilities, in addition to membership, including one-on-one counseling (mentors), workshops (technicians), training programs (become a mentor or technician), community forums (Meetups).

SolePath Institute and the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM)

The training programs at the SolePath Institute are recognized by CIMM and our graduates are registered with the government of Alberta, with the formal designation of Reverend.

The SolePath Institute is a metaphysical, new thought philosophy organization that is interfaith and has welcomes ALL students no matter what their faith or spiritual beliefs.

Our training is a journey of self-discovery and deep understanding of self and others. Students who graduate our programs are consciously choosing to make a difference in the world.

The SolePath training gives a deep understanding of the differences of each of us; the gifts and greatness inherent within us; the challenges that we are growing through in our lives and the unconditional acceptance of who we are born to be.

We teach mindfulness, meditation and prayer, together with listening and communication skills, as a way to connect to Universal Energy – that which is more than our physical body.

SolePath training:
Level 1 SolePath Technician Training: deep journey of self-awareness that leads to certification to facilitate support groups and small workshops
Level 2 SolePath Mentor Training: certification to provide one-on-one mentoring services for individuals, couples, families
Level 3 Clergy Registration with the government of Alberta, Reverend designation, registered to perform legal marriages and baptisms and memorials

SolePath Institute Library

The SolePath Institute Library contains books related to metaphysics. Books that inspire, educate and impact mental, physical and spiritual energies.

Library hours are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10am till 5pm

If you are looking for a new metaphysical read, come and check out our selection. We are accepting donations of metaphysical books and if you have any to add to our new SolePath Institute Library, please call 403.998.0191.